Dr. Love:I am an executive at a new job (1 month) and with a wonderful man as a boss. I am happily married and so is he. He is my senior by at least 20 years and we have a great working relationship.We are a great team but what has been happening is that we are becoming very fond of each other and a personal relationship is evolving. We work very close and share at least 6 of the 8 working hours together each day.Recently we went away to our first business trip together and on the 3rd night in this far away beach town, we had dinner alone. We drank some wine and opened our souls to one another. He is as fond of me as I am of him. He was very respectful and did not make a pass at me. But now we know that we both are feeling something for each other.I want so much to be with him but am so afraid of the consequences. He is sincere, and I trust him. I am able to talk to him like I can’t talk to anyone and I am so confused about my feelings, my attraction to this man, and that we are so intimate even if have yet to kiss. I treasure the time we spend together and I know that he misses me when we are apart.I am afraid of what will happen next time we go away on the next business trip. At this point I have a very weak guard against falling into his arms. What do I do? Is it so bad to find completion and happiness with this man. . . even when I have a great marriage and a loving husband? Is it possible to love the two men at the same time? Should I go for the affair if it all gets to that?I’ve never been in this situation before, I’ve always felt strongly about my marriage. So what does my boss have that is turning my world around? I must add that I have only been with one man (sexually) in my life.I have never desired anyone else and don’t know what is happening to me. Help me please.Thanks so much. Executive Lady at the verge of falling.