Dear Dr. Love,I got married about six months ago, and my husband and I have a great relationship, except that I have a bigger appitite for sex than he does. Recently, we started spending time with another couple who we’ve been friends with for a few years. One night after we had all been out together, and were all pretty intoxicated, the other couple started making love right in front of us in their living room. My husband seemed to really like watching them, since he was suddenly very much in the mood himself.We had fun that night, and I thought it would never happen again, until a couple of weeks later. This time though, there was a little bit of touching going on between couples. It was really weird at first, but now I find that my husband ‘s sex drive has increased greatly. I love that part, but I’m worried that he will want to start doing stuff like this all the time, and I really don’t think I feel right about it. I enjoy our sex life a lot more now, but don’t want to continue down a path that I don’t feel I want to take. How do I encourage his sex drive to stay this active, and avoid situations I am uncomfortable with?Signed, Excited, but Worried