Dear Dr. Love,I understand the psychology behind unfinished business and how adult relationships are affected by one person trying to find that so-called ‘happy ending thus successfully closing a chapter on a painful part of one’s history. However, how is one ever going to–FINALLY–actually finish that happy ending?The therory itself is rooted in the belief that unfinished business and the search for a happy ending is, ultimately, trying to heal old wounds that may be decades old. So like the old ‘room full of abusers’ analogy, if I go to party and meet a woman that I’m attracted to, why don’t I just avoid the inevitable pain and tell her this: ‘I find myself hopelessly attracted to you but, because of my mother’s inability to nurture me, sure as God made little green apples you’re gonna break my heart someday and leave me wondering why.’?I hope that you will see that I am not being flip but, rather, at 46 years old I am finding it hard to tell where the boundries are: how can I tell if I am over-reacting to a woman’s faux pas, or if this person is truly going to cause me some future misery?Thank you for elaborating,Easier Said Than Done