Just this past weekend, my boyfriend of 2 years told me he thought we should spend some time apart.I am in Graduate school, studying Clinical Psych – and he works full time. We are about 6 years apart, so there are some differences, but nothingthat was ever problematic.I live in my college town, about 60 miles away from him. We saw each other about every weekend. We had been friends for about 5 years before we started dating. He tells me that I was the perfect girlfriend, and there was nothing he would change about me, it is him. He loves me, but is not in love with me, but cannot imagine me not a part of his life. It was a very tearful break up.I am trying to deal with this as best I can, but I feel hopeless.I wrote him a letter telling him that I thought this might be a good idea, I though he might have fallen out of love w/ me because I became too emotionally dependent upon him.I just keep hoping he will come around, and that he is just scared that this is the real thing. I have never pushed him into anything, infact we NEVER argued, not once. I don’t understand — I just cannot take this.Please help me. What do I do?