My story is an interesting one. I met my, until very recently, girlfriend this past July on the internet. We slowly grew to caring for each other past friendship. In December i realized my true feelings for her, that i loved her. I told her this, and to my surprise she said that she loved me as well. She lives in New Jersey and i live in Maryland. It is about a 3 hour drive, but we were never able to meet.Not a day went by that i didn’t find myself loving her more and more. Her father was against us meeting anf made it virtually impossible for us to meet. Come this past March, we could not bear the wait any longer. She asked me to go to her prom and of course i said yes. After much elaborate planning we met for teh first time after knowing each other for 8 months. When we met anyone could feel our love vibrating from us as we held each other every moment we were together. We slow danced for 2 hours at her prom, not stopping for the upbeat songs that were being played. We did not care what was being played, we just wanted to hold each other.When i returned to Maryland i was shocked when she told me that her feelings had changed for me. She said that she did not love me anymore and broke up our relationship. I was devastated and still am. It is only 2 days after this had occured as i write to you. I am not a functioning human being anymore. I can not eat nor sleep. I don’t want to interact with others.I was so sure that this was the real thing, my one true love, but perhaps it was not meant to be. I don’t understand how she can say she loves me and then have one weekend together change her feelings towards me. Do you have any advice on how to get over such a tremendous loss? I would appreciate greatly any advice you would have to offer.