Dear Dr. Love,My boyfriend and I live together and have for the past 8 mo. I love him and he loves me, although I feel a lot of the support, understanding, caring, involvment is going all one way. . . from me to him.I’ve been having some trubles of my own recently and he has made it clear that my well-being is not even near the top of his priority list, when he knows he’s always been at the top of mine. . . . no doubt! I have tried confronting the problem and letting him know how I feel (I ‘m a very straight and forward person when it comes to talking things out). He says he understnads, but it hasn’t been any better. . . . I just don’t feel like we ‘re progessng towards anything anymore. . . . like I ‘m just ‘here ‘.Honestly speaking, I feel as if he doesn’t care. I don’t know what to do anymore. . . . Can you please help!!!Sincerely, ‘Doubting’