Dear Dr. Love,I am a man in my early twenties who is financially sucessful, with an IQ of 150, handsome and over six feet, athletic, musical, well versed in literature, and artistic. I cherish the successful relationships I have with friends both at and outside of work. I have always been perceived by others as the ‘guy who has it all’. Well, not quite.I’ve had a string of unsuccessful relationships with women that has left me pondering the truth about ‘lucky in career, unlucky in love’. I must admit, however, that I hold high expectations of people; I’m a go-doer and go-getter, and I expect people to put in the same effort as I do. That works out fine in the workplace, but not in relationships.The general complaint I have received from women is that I am pushy, that I expect things to be done and problems to be fixed quickly. In turn, they feel ‘inadequate’ and under pressure to meet my standards, as they put it. Though I never criticize a loved one, I get frustrated by problems that occur repeatedly.When we communicate, women say that I seem to be always ‘right’ simply because I’m better at presenting my rationality in a coherent manner. Despite my assuring them that I want to understand their feelings and thoughts, they give up on trying to talk.A lot of women I meet seem to have low self esteem. Who has the problem here? They like my confidence, but eventually they feel that we’re just on two different levels and hence incompatible. I’m drawn to very feminine qualities. Is it practical to expect a feminine woman who is also confident? Should I act less confident in a relationship?Sincerely,doomed-to-be-single