Dear Dr. Love,My husband ‘s friend was engaged to a woman and the four of us would go out every weekend together. We all became really close friends. Unfortunately, my husband discovered that his friend was cheating on his fiancée and both of us were stuck with what to do. My husband finally confronted his friend and asked him if he was still going to go through with the wedding. He said he didn’t know. I felt awful because I had grown quite close to both of them. I really like his fiancée, she is a nice person.I avoided both of them for the summer because I couldn’t face either of them knowing that he was cheating on her. She loves him so much. She just e-mailed me and told me that she moved out, that he said that he doesn’t want to marry her anymore and that it is over. He didn’t tell her about the affair. I still want to be friends with her and she wants to get together to go out with me but she is still hoping to get back with him and she doesn’t know that he has been cheating on her for months.I want to be friends with her but I want to stay out of this horrible situation and not get involved. Thank you for your time.