Hi there — here’s the situation. I’ve been dating someone now for a while, and in that time things have soared unbelievably, and we both seem to be on the same page.However, this week she discovered that one of her old friends who lives in Europe is coming home for the Holidays. I know they had a romance when she visited him over there, and it’s clear that he still likes her.They’ve known each other a lot longer than I’ve been in the picture, and I have to admit that it bothers me a bit that they still talk (although I haven’t expressed that directly to her), especially if he likes her and she apparently is not interested in anything more with him – – although I suspect there may be something unresolved with that situation.My question is how I should handle this situation. I haven’t pressed the issue since it is still early in our relationship, I mean, we haven’t made a ‘commitment’ yet to each other regarding other people since it hasn’t been necessary.But it’s been a long time since someone has captured me the way she has, and I’m very interested in having something special with this woman, even at the risk of some pain. However, I don’t want to be a foolish martyr either. Any suggestions?