I have been with my boyfriend for almost 5 years. We live together have two kids and one on the way but over the months it has felt like something has changed when we have sex there is no Passion at ALL. I’m 21 and he is 26 he always puts me down instead of making me feel better about things like he used to he doesn’t hold me when we sleep together at night I always have to make the first move he lies about the stupidest things he always tell me how unhappy he is and turns around and says he loves me and wants to be with me he says stuff like I’m a whore I’m nothing I ain’t s**t no one would ever want to be with me they would just want me for sex and we don’t talk everytime we do we argue I feel the tension when ever we are in the same room he tells me that no one would ever love me like him and there has been plenty of times where he has left me but not actually broken up with me just ignored me for weeks and our phone conversations never lasted more than one min thirty sec and I always let him come home after doing me wrong like I gave birth to our first child and he was two months early weighing two pounds ten ounces he was in the Mixi I seen my boyfriend the day we had him and after that he was gone two weeks after I gave birth was the fourth of July and instead of being at the hospital with me and his son he was at an amusement park called worlds of fun with the female he cheated on me with my whole pregnancy with and I bleached his clothes and said I was done with him he got dropped off to the hospital where our son was and used that to get me there to where he could talk I’m seriously second guessing this realationship because as he would put it its in my hand whatever I decide is final he doesn’t have a say so and I’m tired of being the only person holding this realationship together I’m asking you does it sound like I should end it our just keep working at it I need help?