I have liked this man for over two years and I don’t know if he feels the same way. Please don’t feel bad of me when I explain. I am 28 and he is 62.He is a partner in the letting agency that rents my flat. He does have a partner who he has been with for over 7 years but I’ve heard she doesn’t treat him right. She throws herself at other men and she behaved like this at the office Christmas party and this was when he was going through cancer.I have never gotten over him but I tried to by avoiding going into the office and going past there but it didn’t work for long. Recently I found out from a man who works for them that it’s common knowledge that I like him so he must know how I feel.The other day when I went in there he started up the conversation by asking me what I did over the weekend. If he knows and he doesn’t want to encourage me why would he make conversation. I could understand it if he just said hi, how are you and left it at that but to ask me what I did over the weekend.What do you think? Is he just flirting with me or being friendly? Surely though he would be careful as he knows how I feel. Please help!!! I’m going mad!!!