If a guy sends you:”Hey i don’t know any other way to put this but here it goes. I really like you but there is just a part of me that is telling me no. I Really don’t know what to think right now. You are starting to act like my old girlfriends. Like when we went downtown you really wanted me to hold you, and I didn’t and you gave me weird vibes. I just don’t know. I need time to think about stuff so I think I need a break from our relationship. I really need to think about a lot of stuff because I need to get it off my chest. It has been on there for a couple of days. I hope you can understand and I hope we still can be friends and hope we get back together it’s just that I need to think about some stuff that is hurting me inside. I wish I could it explain what it is but I need to deal with it myself. Hope you understand. Sorry for any pain I am gonna cause you but I have to follow my heart. If I don’t then what is my heart for? I just need this break for a couple of dayss. Please don’t be sad you are a great person and girl. I just need this! Sorry Aron”And ever since then I have not called him and for weeks he just calls me a couple times every week, and he gets mad if I don’t say hello to him in person. He told me the reason he left me was because he didn’t feel the same as in the beginning but he still really likes me. . .I am not going to chase him, but I need to know, do you think he is coming back? What is your advice since you know men better than I do!