I have an interesting problem. I am 28 years old and my boyfriend is the same age. We are both healthy and both above average in looks. I believe that when we make love I satisfy him (I sure hope I do). And as far as holding hands, kissing me, and spending time with me he seems interested in me.But he won’t have sex with me. We have been together a year and the most active period I was getting it twice a month. Now I have had sex twice in the past three months. I am at my wit’s end.I love him dearly but I need sex. I don’t know how to make him interested in sex and I don’t know how to not care that he isn’t . I have tried every superficial way I can think of.Anything the chick magazines mention, I have tried. He complained once that my room was dirty and it made him uncomfortable. I keep it spotless now. But he has only seen it twice since this, because he has only come in twice. What can a girl do?