Hi there Dr. Turndorf, just wanting your advice on a subject that has been affecting me for a long time. I’ll try to make it brief.I am recently divorced as of July/04. I divorced my ex-husband because he did not want to have a family after 11 years of marriage. Afterwards, he suffered a heart attack and sort of placed the blame on me.I filed for divorce back in 2002 and I ended up having an affair with one of his friends. I know what I did was very wrong, but I didn’t think of it at the time. I began dating this friend of my ex-husband and he wanted all of the same things I did and we planned to get married once my divorce came through.In May/04 my ex-boyfriend broke up with me out of the blue, he claimed he was tired of waiting and that he needed to get on with his life. I was devastated. I had already gone through the death of my dear father, so this just added more stress to my life.I eventually got my divorce in July/04. I am still-in-love with my ex-boyfriend. I have written him a letter explaining that I have been divorced since last July and that I still love him.My problem is why am I so afraid of mailing the letter to him?I heard through the grapevine that he was dating someone who wasn’t Jewish (I am), and that she was studying to convert. . . When I found this out I was even further devastated, but I still wrote him the letter in hope of rekindling the relationship. I have not been in contact with him since last June/04.Please advise me on what is the best thing to do. . . Thanks so much,