I am a 22 year old woman who is in love with a 52 year old man. If I were just 10 years older I wouldn’t have a problem but 28 years is a big difference. We are so much alike that sometimes I forget IM so much younger.He was widowed several years ago and went down hill he’d given up on life, we became friends and he has turned himself around completely. I may only be 22 but I feel like I’m 30 everyone says I’m one of those older than my age people, I see things differently than other people my age, I don’t get along very well with the 20’s group.All my life I’ve hung around the adults instead of the other kids. I haven’t been this happy for a long time and it feels good, he has changed my life too, Iv never felt like I fit in till now, we love each other. He has proposed to me and I want to say yes but I’m just not sure if its right to marry someone old enough to be my father. We would have a quiet life in the back country of the west, but will people accept me as a woman or a charlatan. He doesn’t h ave a problem with it but I still do. I’m one who worries about what everyone else thinks.Help me, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Just tell me I’m not insane, that its not wrong to love an older man.Yours, desperate in love