Want to ask u one thing. How can i forget about him if I have to see him everyday? Me and him are very very good friends, and many a times the dividing line is quite blur, i found that one day i am in love with him, but too late, i know that he is secretly in love with another girl, then i encourage him to go further and then he succeed, he dates with that girl, and for 3 months, and then they broke up. But i know that he cannot forget about her.And still until now, I cannot too. Cos’ we are always together, no matter at school, no matter at night on phone. One thing u need to know is that, i already told him how i feel and he said that i am his very important friend and that ‘s it. I told him when they are still together. I cannot forget him, cos’ we are still together most of the time. But i know that it does not worth me to wait for him endlessly. How can i forget him?A desperate girl