Dear Dr. Love,A little over 2yrs. ago I loaned my husband and a business partner about $100,000.00 to get started in a business. His business partner only put in $1,800.00. The business has about 15 employees.I have been promised that I would start to see some payments from the company, but as of yet I have not seen anything and when I say something to my husband the first thing he says, is that women are just not patient. During all of this my credit has been ruined because of making loans to the company and my savings is gone.I no longer work because I’ve started to have epilepsy, I think due to stress of my previous job. My bills are falling behind and my husband thinks that I’m wrong for asking for some of my money.His payroll and his image of not losing this business is all he cares about right now, I think because he does not want to be seen as a failure or not making it to prove to everyone who said that he wouldn’t make it, that he will prevail.Do you think that I’m wrong for asking for some of my money.(Desperate)