Dear Dr Love,I think I am going crazy. I am a 59 year old woman married 33 years. I never had orgasm by intercourse. All of a sudden I want sex 3 times a day.My husband has had prostrate surgery, and even tho he has viagra, is scared to use it. Consequently, I have been masturbating myself into orgasm, but 1 orgasm is just the beginning. It seems as tho I could masturbate 24 hours a day, and have results.Every time he leaves the house if for more than a few minutes, I masturbate and have orgasm after orgasm. I cannot seem to stop, looking for extra chances. I really could do it for several hours at t time, enjoying it all the time. I would not think of having an affair, but am desperate for a partner. Anyway, all of a sudden, I have become sex crazy, at my age. I seem to think my sex life is on the waning end, and don’t won’t to miss out on this pleasure. I got the hormone implants in Oct, and just this month started having these feelings.Am I crazy, or what can I do. I tried to bring up the subject with my husband, but he is not interested (I think he thinks it is a taboo subject, or should be). He is 10 years older than I, and only believed in the missionary position. I have talked to him until I am blue in the face. His answer is: next time. which never comes.Any advise or help.Desperate