Dear Dr. Love:I am a senior high school student who’s had my first love two years ago. After I’ve broken with my first girlfriend, I began to hate girls and I won’t pay attention on girls who show her love to me. When I first entered my new class, I found a nice girl. She’s not very beautiful but she has a mature thought and anybody who interacts with her will find out that she’s such a gorgeous babe.Day by day, I realised that I really like this girl. I don’t know why but she is such a lovely and friendly girl. One day, my friends asked me to join them for iceskating and at the same time, the girl joinned. But then this happened. She came with my friend and they are holding their hands together and kissing each other passionately. They seemed very close and anybody has a thought that both of them are now boyfriend and girlfriend.My heart was broken into pieces at the time and what I wanna do at the time is commit suicide because this girl is really the one who’s in my heart. I love her more than my first love or any girls. She is different. She has waken me up that love is still essential for us and now I’ve just realised that now I couldn’t even forget her. She is so important to me and I love her so much but why is this happening ? I don’t know what I should do to erase her from my life forever. Please give me some advice!Desperate