My wife (21 years) has an illness (CIP)which causes extreme gastrointestinal pain. The disease is effecting every part of her gastro area. She has had the disease for about 10 plus years. We have been to most major hospitals and clinics on the East Coast looking for a cure. (CIP is what they refer to as an ‘orphan disease’. Not enough patients for drug companies to invest $$ for research and medicinne)For the past 2 years you can count the number of times we have had made love on one hand. Sex is the last thing on her mind, and when we do make love I feel guilty. I think she makes she does make love with me it is out of pity/guilt.I don’t enjoy the sex. I know she is hurting physically, and stress is not something her system can handle, so I try my damnest not to put any pressure on her for sex. I know she loves me, but I need the intimacy! My unmeet needs often make me depressed.After researching anti-depression medicinne, I have found one that the side effects may cause a diminishing of ones sex drive. I take the medicine on occasion, especially when I begin to feel depressed and (for a lack of a better word) horny. The medicinne seems to help.Recently, I have been drawn to a woman who is struggling in her own personal relationship. We work together and often travel out of town for days.I am afraid that I may be attracted to her. We seemed to enjoy each others company and we discuss our lives like we used to do with our spouses.I want to make my wife happy. I love her and do not want to hurt her. I need some help in determining which road to travel. The road that may lead to an extramarital affair, or the road that I am currently on, feeling confused, hurt, bitter, and trapped.Is there a pill or surgery that would kill my sexual drive? My wife won’t consider counseling as the disease consumes her energy and her . How can I find a sexual release (without the guilt)? I feel as if there is no answer.By staying on the present road, my marriage stays intact, but I am hurt and lonely. If I stray, it may lead to a divorce, and I DO NOT WANT TO HURT MY WIFE. I am afraid it comes down to my happiness or hers, I wish it could be ours. Help me DB