Dear Dr. Love:I was eight months pregnant when this man walked into my life and he dated me and told me things that I wanted to hear he even went to Lamaze class with me and into the delivery room with me, but keep in mind this was not his baby and also he was a minister. Well I fell in love with this man and he also said he loved me to.My baby was born March 25, 1996 and he was right there with me through every thing about two months later I found out that this guy was married and had two other girl friends on the side, he promised me that he was not married and that he would let go of the other two relationships, well of course, I believed him, but it only got worse because he would always ask me for money for something and I would always pay for lunch, or dinner whenever we would go out he claimed he never had any money.I found out in April that I was pregnant with this man’s child I told him that I was pregnant and he said he will never see this baby and that he will not claim this baby as his, but between God and me and him we all know that this is his baby. I hate this man for what he has put me through emotionally and the fact that I felt like killing myself at one point because my God this is a minister and he treats me this way then there is no hope for just the regular men.I have decided to raise my baby and give her the best home I can but vow never to let another man in my life to bring such heart ache. Can you help me to understand why people are so cold, especially in my situation this minister who is supposed to be of God. I need your help for me and my daughters.Depression.