Dr. Love,Two questions, 1st, what kind of degrees and education do you have to have this position I would be really interested to know what kind of qualifications you have. if you could just mail me back your response.Please help me with the following. . . 2nd My girlfriend and I have been going out for almost a year now and we are much in love with each other, however, it seem lately that she gets upset over things that I don’t notice that I do, Like things that I do everyday that bother her Im not sure what.I try to get her to tell me what’s the matter but I often have to get to the point where I sound like a broken record saying ‘tell me, what’s wrong? ‘she says all most all the time that she doesn’t want to tell me, or that she doesn’t want to talk. I find it very hard to understand anything in our relationship when there is a problem. And I feel like im just adding fuel to the fire when I keep asking’tell me, what’s wrong?’What can I make her do to open up to me just a little bit more?Signed,Frustrated.