I’m a 20 year old male, who will be a junior in college. When I was a junior in high-school, this freshman girl caught my eye. For some reason it seemed like I knew her from somewhere but I didn’t. I saw her a few more times until finally cupid’s arrow struck. I became overwhelmed with feelings for this girl although I had no clue who she was or what she was like.Well, I had a crush on her for the rest of my high school days, though I never heard her speak and was too shy to approach her. So, after high school, even though I saw her around once in a while, she begins to fade in my memory.Then this past Spring, I get a job at a department store in our town. I start to talk with another girl in the department and she asks me if I knew’Karen’ (the girl who I had had the crush on)…because she’ll be working in the department I’ll be working in. My heart dropped. I was so nervous working with her for the first few times. But she was so nice to me and so comforting, we began to have a great friendship and now love working together. We get along great and she tells me I’m the funniest person she’s ever met. She is greater than I could of ever imagined and she really likes me…to what extent I’m not exactly sure. But she is in a crappy relationship right now.So I have two questions, should I pursue her even though she is in a relationship? And should I tell her I used to have a huge crush on her hoping she’ll think we were meant to be together? Please help!