Dear Dr. Love,I have never been in love before I met Scott. I have only had flings with no feelings involved. We have been together for a year in November and we are currently living together. I know everything about his ex girlfriend.The problem is he always brings up his ex jen. He was with her for three years and they ended thing on good terms. He calls her every now and then just to see how she is. I think thats great! She has her own man and she asks about me.I just bothers me when we’re out having fun and he brings her up. Like he will say ‘ Oh jen used to drive a car just like that ‘ . He means no harm, but he has said so many little things about her that it’s driving me crazy. She pops in my head all the time.Please help me find some kind of peace. Should I talk to a shrink? PLEASE HELP I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO