Dear Dr Love,GREAT COLUMNS! I am a 22 closeted gay male who likes one of my best friends of 5 years (male). Throughout the 5 years we’ve made numerous gay jokes to and about each other. We’ve even sat beside each other in our boxers and tshirts before a few times, (long story).He is kind of seeing a girl now though, and the jokes have gotten less and less. I’m pretty sure they haven’t gotten that physical. He is also very discreet about their realtionship and doesn’t tell me alot about things between them.Before this he hadn’t had a g/f in about 6 years and had had no interest in getting one. He is very open minded about these types of subjects. Basically I thought alot of signs pointed to him being a closeted gay as well, but his recent behaviour, like spending alot of time with this girl tells me different.I guess my questions are. . . . . could he be gay and just trying to see if he can be straight? Or am I just leading myself on? Or could that have been a phase for him? Or could he of been waiting for me to make a move and now has moved on?thank you.