Dear Dr. Love,I am sure you have heard of the Saying ‘You want what you can’t have’. Well, as an eighteen-year old senior I have experienced this. I meet this particular girl two years ago, and I became good friends with her. However she wanted more than that. I did not. As the months passed I started to have feelings of attraction towards her. My views changed and I decided I wanted to have a relationship.Well to make a long story short it now turns out I am the one who desperatly wants her and she is ambivalent. Even after communicating all my feelings to her about the way I think she says she just wants a friendship now. . . My questions are: Why do people act this way? Are we to immature to sustain such a relationship? Is there any way to salvage this relationship? (Generally speaking. . . I haven’t given you much information because there is just too much)Confused about Women