Dear Dr. Love,I have been dating my boyfriend now for 8 months. Everything has always been great, until recently. We had a really big argument a few weekends ago and almost broke-up because of it. After we made up, I was hoping things would go right back to the way they were, but things changed. I feel like when we’re together, he doesn’t want me around.I have tried talking with him and telling him about it and he says that he does want me around, but agrees that there is a problem. When I ask him what he thinks we should do, he gets very agitated and says, ‘I don’t know.’ I have asked him if he thinks we should take some time apart, and he says that he doesn’t want that. Breaking-up with him is the last thing I want to do, but when we’re together, it just doesn’t feel like it used to, and I can’t take that anymore. What do you think I should do?Sincerely, Confused