Dear Dr. Love. I am in a bit of a dilemma.You see, my 23 yr old twin sister and I both really, really like the same man who is part of our new circle of friends. Being twins we are really close, but due to this problem we have started competing for his attention and the sibling rivalry and bickering has started!It seems like a loose/loose situation: we both desperatly want to go out with him, but we know that only one of us can and that the other one will be devestated and hurt. This will strain our relationship and will also affect the cohesion of the friendship group which we both are in.We both really like this guy but know only one of us can go out with him!! What should we do!! It all seems so complicated!PS. We think that he has feelings for one of us, although sometimes he does send out mixed signals. PLus, my twin thinks he likes her better while I feel the opposite!Help! Your advice would really mean a lot! Thanks Competing twin