I have recently reconciled with a man who I have been previously involved with for many years. We always end up breaking up because he seems to be a workaholic.We are in our mid 50s and have both been married before. This time he is offering me a more serious commitment and marriage within a year. I am approaching his offer with hope, affection, and caution.My family (he has met them all before) have invited us and his dog to join them at Christmas (2 days). He says he can’t come because Christmas is too hard for him (he had a difficult childhood). I am thinking oh no, red flag, red flag! He isn’t going to be ‘able’ to ‘be there for me’.I know he wants a relationship but I am concerned that he may not be able to give enough of his time and attention to one. It seems to be clear as a bell, but in my mid fifties I need to also bear in mind that I have left every relationship I have ever been in. That is why I question my own judgment so much.Are we fatally flawed or can two mature adults work on accepting each others flaws enough to build a future together?