Dear Dr. Love,I ‘m in the middle of a huge dilema. I’ve been going out with my girlfriend for 5 months. We have been extremely close up until now. We even lost our virginities to each other. However, lately we’ve been fighting alot, and I haven’t had anyone to talk to.However, my best friend’s girlfriend, Danielle, came to my rescue and we became great friends. I have found myself falling in love with this girl and she has expressed the same feelings back. And just last weekend we snuck out of our houses at 2 o ‘clock in the morning and spent the night together. I feel really bad that I cheated on my girlfriend, but my feelings for Danielle are stronger than my feelings for my girlfriend. I also don’t want to hurt my best friend, even though I want to follow my heart. I ‘m just not sure whether following my heart is the right thing to do. Please help me.