Dear Dr. Turndorf,I have recently met someone online and I have been speaking with her on the phone for quite sometime, and we have been exchanging letters as well as photos of family and ourselves.I really have a deep felt heart warming sensation when we speak and also in the letters we share poetry, lyrics, many things. I have decided to travel to where she is so that we can meet on her home turf so that she may be more comfortable.My question for you is am I crazy for chasing dreams?She makes me feel wanted and needed, and we have never even met! It’s like we have everything in common we both laugh a lot and have shared intimate details about our personal lives that we normally don’t share with everyone. Even some of my exs didn’t know things like she knows already.Am i crazy? It feels good to try this. I am confident that this could be a possible relationship but I’m afraid.I don’t know what kind of frame of mind to have when we do meet, Just open or still the same heart blocking guy I have been at first, I’m in my 30’s and I am looking for my Ms. Right.What can I do to insure this woman just may be her? Thank you very much.