Dear Dr. Love,I am hoping you are able to offer some good advice as I feel I am in the most difficult time of my life. I dated my girlfriend for approx 2 years. We had the most amazing relationship. Everyone, including ourselves, expected us to marry.The problem is that we have had one issue in our relationship. We are both Jewish but I am more religious than she is. She has compromised and does several things my way and she expects me to compromise too. I understand what she is saying but have found that I am not happy with myself when asked to do things a way that I do not believe is right. I broke up with her over this and we have tried, getting back together again several times,to resolve this over 7 months.It always ends with me saying I can’t do what she needs and be happy with myself.The problem is that I am torn. One the one hand I love her so much I can’t imagine living without her but on the other I don’t seem to be able to live with her also. When we first break up I feel that I am making the correct decision but within days miss her, and feel sickened to my stomach over the thought that she is going to live her life without me. I get upset thinking of her being as happy with someone else as she was with me. I want to constantly know everything she is doing. Although I am not depressed these thoughts are definitely interfering with my desire to work by making me apathetic. Please help. I would greatly appreciate any advice you can give as I have been unable to find resolve by reading many of the books in print. I love her so much and wish with all my heart that the religious issue did not exist between us.catch 22: can’t live with her, can’t live without her