I have something that I am having a hard time getting over. There is this guy that I am trying to get away from. We used to be good friends and now I am the one that wants to pull away. The thing is we work together and I can’t get away.The one thing that I fear is what he says about me to my fellow co-workers. I also fear that he will ignore me if another girl is around. I know that is strange, but I had feelings for him at one point in time. That is the one reason I want to get away from him. I don’t like the pain that I feel when I see or hear him with another women. It’s like I am not good enough for him.He knows how I feel and I feel he only brings up women to piss me off. He will go out of his way just to bring women up, even though that may not even be the subject. I can’t take this emotional roller coaster any longer, but I have no idea how to get away from him if I work with the person.It would not be that hard if the job that I had I could just walk away, but I can not. I am a guard so I have to be right next to him and see him all the time. It is a constant reminder of a loss that I can never have.Any advice would be great.Thanks.