Dear Dr. Love,The following not seem all that important on the surface, but this issue is slowing making me very depressed. 10 years ago at age 38 I got divorced.Determined to find some silver lining in the trauma, I vowed not to get involved with another woman until I was emotionally healed and had experienced some personal growth. I worked through my crisis by attending group therapy and reading A LOT of books.In my opinion, I become a newer, smarter, healthier version of myself 5 years ago at the age of 43. Today, at age 48, I cannot meet any women for a casual conversation let alone a meaningful date. The only women I know are married friends and married co-workers.I have tried to meet women but I just keep coming up empty–I go to the library, book stores, happy hour at local pubs, etc. Even though I have many friends in my life and in athletic circles, it seems that EVERYone is married.I do not consider myself desperate or feel that I am searching too hard, but this is really starting to effect me. I’m tired of being around my married friends because I don’t want to be the 5th wheel any longer; I find that I am becoming more & more isolated, and that I’m becoming very depressed.I don’t know if I live in a demographic black hole or what. I’ve thought of running a personal ad in hopes of drawing out a single woman my age, but the idea embarrasses me to death. And I don’t think I should join some personal interest group that I have no interest in–I would feel like a fraud. What’s a man to do? Thanks for your time, Can’t Meet Anyone