Dear Dr. Love:Being deeply into the mind body cleansing process, I continue to run into this same feeling concerning money, basic things to support me, and love given. Especially lately, I AM in a new relationship, a man who is mature and listens very well, expresses when he understands and doesn’t, or wants time to process. That feels healthy to me.My stuff is ‘ there’s never enough’ – sex, love, money, basic things, fullness. Aware of much of my childhood mental and emotional abuse, with an unavailable mother and ‘Daddy’ who taught me everything he believed including sexually abusing me as a young teen. Pertanent to this issue, I did not allow his penis to penetrate me.Now I’m 51years young yet still unable to understand or address this issue with some measure of resolve. ALso aware I cannot feel my partner inside of me during intercourse and my mind seems to be focused upon’making it happen or when is it going to happen’ an orgasm. Ive never atmitted to any one that I do not feel the full orgasm. Thus the sexual love I AM given is never enough, never fully satisfing.