Dear Dr. Love,I hope you can help me or give me advice. I ‘m a 22-year old Asian college student that ‘s going to graduate and move onto the real world ( job world) in 1 weeks. I only started caring about looking for a girlfriend when I was a freshman in college. So far, I’ve had absolutely no success, I’ve never been in a relationship. I’ve been interested in many different people, but I’ve had no luck in moving beyond friendship. My major is computer science, so unfortunately, there are very few females in the major (unlike certain other majors).I still live in the dorms, which in the past was a good way to meet people. . . but now, as I ‘m in my fifth year, many people that I know have either moved out of the dorms or graduated. A a result, I feel like I don’t really know many people anymore. Some of the time, I seem to be in competition with other guys for a girl I ‘m interested, and so far, each time that ‘s happened, I’ve lost. . . :(My new job will be in a completely different state, and I’ve interned there twice before, and from what I’ve seen at least at that company (a software company), it’s definitely not good prospecting ground either mainly because there weren’t many females and everybody’s somewhat older and usually already involved. Can you give me some advice as to what to do?