Hello,I am writing to ask for your help. I am a 22 year old male, athletic, hardworking, and attending a computer technical school. I see myself as a nice guy, I never want to hurt a womans feelings, and that usualy gets me into more than I want. For some reason, I seem to attract women who were beaten in there past relationships. I feel I can help them out of their depression.So far this has always happened, but once they feel normal, they seem to not want me as their significant other. I know they would be happer in an abusive, controling relationship, but I just cant do that! Maybe I’m just too nice, or unsure if I want a relationship with someone who seemingly enjoys abuse.The sex is llways GREAT, and this tends to make me fall into lust for these women(later feeling in love with these women after say goodbye)! When I’m in these relationships, I have doubts about them, but when they want to leave, I feel great pain inside me. What do I do?Sincerely:Brused by beaten women!