I’m in my first adult relationship since two years now. My boyfriend i have met, is in my class at college. We love each other a lot, so we say, but the last half year, I haven’t been sure, he’s telling the truth as he is constantly critisizing me on everything I do or say. He doesn’t like any of my friends, especially the gay one. Who he treatens to stay away from me.He’s always being patronizing. He also is very admiring towards other girls, who he thinls are so beautiful. His friends are his no. one proirity. This is really breaking me up quite severe. As I love him so much. ( I lost my virg. to him!)When he is nice, he is really nice and I know he doesn’t like it when he’s horrible to me. He cuddles me and kisses me, afterwards, but most of the time I get really helpless and destructive, when he’s treating me like that.It might be helpful to note that I come from a very loving mom-dad situation. His parents are divorced and his father was abusive. I really don’t want to give up, but I’m afraid this relationship is at its end almost. As I don’t know how to help him, or how long I can survive this myself. Please help.