Hi Dr love!I’m in need of help and as soon as possible I hope!! The problem is my boyfriend and me too I think. My boyfriend, let’s call him J, he loves cars. He got this garage and everyday he’s in there and taking good care of them. I’m very proud of him, cause he’s really good. I was really excited from the start of our now 4 month relationsship, but lately I’m beginning to get very tired of it.Ok, I accept that that is his hobby, but I have these strong feelings that J got this own list in his head were number one is his cars and number two is me. Just recently J got himself a playstation too, so I think I’m third place now. He doesn’t call me that often as he did before.It’s not only this that is bothering me, it’s his attitude to me. He is NOT the romantic guy, absolutely not! I know that he likes me very much, by his body language but he’s got a hard problem to express it in words. Never heard him say that he thinks I’m sweet or beautiful. He doesn’t ask me if I want to go out with him and his friends. It makes me very sad of course. I know I have to talk with him, because I like him too much to just end this.We live 3 miles away from each other and both of us has a lot to do every weekend, so everytime we see each other we forget the whole world and just have eyes for each other. Help me, cause I can’t stand it anymore. I need to hear sweet words from him. I’m the one of us who sends lovecards, says that I miss him, phone him to just hear his voice. . . I’m the most romantic one of us two.What is the matter with him? Is he shy? Or his just like this of nature? he thougth of that I’m only his sex partner in bed are terrible, but lately I haven’t been able to forget that thought. Hope you will help me soon, I don’t want this to crash, not yet.Lots of love, ‘Yrsula’