Dear Dr. Love,I love my fiance dearly (we ‘re supposed to get married in 2 months), but I found something out about him today that really hurt me. A while ago I found some ‘adult ‘pictures that he got off the internet. It surprised me, but it was OK, because I know he loves me & only me. But today I found more pictures hidden. I confronted him & he admited there was even more.He also admited that he has an ‘obsession’that was really bad in high school and has come & go since then. He wants this stimulous. He said they really turned him on. It’s beyond the normal guy looking at naked pictures of girls. It’s really intense. What really bothers me is not that he had all these pictures (hey, I ‘m not perfect either!), but that he hid this from me for the 4 years that we’ve been engaged. It’s really making me rethink things. I want to sort this out. What should I do?