Dear Dr. Love,Please read my e-mail and HELP me to find an understanding to this for I have tried so whole heartly and have been unable to. I have tried to talk to him (my boyfriend) about this and have told him I ‘m only trying to find understanding about it. It hurts me so deep down inside for I ‘m always here for him.We can make love (and I know he climaxed)then later I find that he also masturbated. I have never denied him sex in anyway. What ever he wants if it be oral, anal, me stroking him or just having intercourse I have always been there for him. I always have to do all the work (get on top for he is to lazy unless it’s anal sex which he seems to really like although I hate it) I know he masturbates almost everyday. It just brakes my heart for I don’t understand (and he knows it hurts me). Not only do I not understand but he won’t talk to me about it.I ‘m only trying to find some understanding to this. We have been together over 2 years. We live right across the street from each other. We are together daily if not nightly. His unspoken words make me feel shameful of myself and undesired. I feel rejected. I ‘m not a beast by any means. I ‘m attractive 140lbs 5 ‘7. I just don’t understand it. CAN YOU PLEASE HELP MY ACHING HEART? I feel it’s all my fault! PLEASE HELP ME!!!