I met my husband 3 years ago, but things kept us apart until 16 months ago. He was very attentive and could not wait to be with me, always calling me (sometimes 6 or more times a day), and couldn’t wait to make love to me.We got married 9 months ago and boy things changed the week we got married. He never expresses affection even when I ask him to do certain things like hold me. If I tell him I feel we have problems, he tells me I think too much.He say he loves me, but actions speak louder than words. He says he wouldn’t have married me if he didn’t love me, but he never shows it. He kisses me 1 time a day (when he leaves for work) and our sex live is is terrible. When we have sex which is not often it lasts all of 3 min. (I’m not kidding)On the other hand when he drinks which isn’t often either he shows his affection alot and the sex is great and lasts for a while. He was an only child and was married for 20 years. He is also military and I think that may contribute to his problem.How can I save my marriage and get to to talk to me and show affection? A few weeks ago I told him I wanted to be held for 5 min. a night that it really made me feel good and since then he has held me maybe 4 times.I have tried making the first move in the sex area, but most times I’m rejected. Should I leave him?