Dear Dr. Love,I agreed to let my boyfriend of 3 years sleep with another girl one time in agreement that he would then try to get me pregnant again. And so it happened with one of my friends from school.After that I heard nothing else from him except about her. . . how beautiful she was, how good she kissed and great that night was!! Of course he got greedy and wanted it again so this time I made him promise me that we would get married and that I would never hear about it again.It happened once again but this time my friend hesitated either that or she was teasing him. The whole night he argued with her and then finally they had sex and it was done. That same night I talked to my friend away from my boyfriend and she told me that she didn’t want to do it again and I told her it never would.A few minutes later my boyfriend came and asked to talk to me alone. He started to complain about how she wouldn’t let him do anything and how it was a waste and how he wanted to do it again before she left.I told him what she had said and he got soo mad at ME!!! We barely talked the rest of the night except about her. When my friend finally left the next day he complained again and asked me to ask her to do it one last time.Frustrated I gave in and called her. Of course she said no and that was it. When I told my boyfriend her answer he hung up the phone on me and I was told later that he cried.Ever since that night I have heard nothing else from him except about her as always!!!What should I do?