Dear Dr. Love,I’ve been having a long distance relationship with a man for about six months. During that six months we saw each other about a week or two a month, sometimes less, sometimes more. Recently we have been able to spend the entire month together. He is a wonderful person, receptive, caring, warm and everything is blissful, except that he is unsociable.He does not like to go out to bars, parties, or even visit with my relatives. I did get him to go with me to a black tie affair, but he didn’t even want to talk to the people I knew there, he was content just to stay in the corner with me.Should I be bothered by this? We have talked about him moving here to be with me, but I ‘m not sure if I want that now because I will have to give up something that makes me happy – a. k. a. being social. Don’t get me wrong, I ‘m not a party animal, but I enjoy going out at least once or twice a week and meeting new people. He would rather stay in or go shopping, meeting new people is not on his agenda. When I ask him if he wants to go out to be with my friends, he says no.I’m 28, he’s 28. I don’t want to change him. . . but I guess I want you to tell me the obvious.Askew in Alexandria