I am a never married 41 year old woman, who is in a relationship of 4 years to a 47 year old never married man. We have no children. We just got engaged this year. I was kind of pushing for this and was ectatic to get a ring and proposal.Now, I am getting cold feet about the upcoming marriage. He is a very independent man and I am afraid he will not share his total life with me, as in being with me at home, talking and being affectionate, not in a sexual way, but just by being close.We have good sexual chemistry, but he has never been an old fashioned boyfriend giving me flowers and going dancing with me. I am thinking we are not compatible.Our communication is good, when we were just talking general life talk. But when we talk serious expectation issues, he does not see a problem at all.My idea of marriage is about changing your whole life around. His idea is just gaining a travel partner and having good sex.Help!!!!