Dr. Love,I am a 35 year old, single man who is fit, financially secure and in good health. Just over a year ago, work transferred me to an new city where I quickly met and became friends with my co-workers, many of whom were also new to town. Particularly, I have enjoyed the friendship of two married couples.From the first time I met the wife of one of these couples (Let’s call her ‘Di’), I was attracted to her. Being married, however, I resigned myself to a friendship which was simply more meaningful on my end.Far from obsessing over Di, I dated off and on continually looking for someone I could be happy with. This being said, I’m afraid that my fondness for Di was hard to conceal. Even Di’s husband made quiet jokes about it, usually after we had been drinking or if he & I were alone playing tennis. Nonetheless, we all continued this friendship and I continued with my search.Several weeks ago, however – without warning, Di’s husband left her. Di, needless to say, was devastated. She confided in me the day after he left and I’ve been trying to be the best friend I can throughout this whole ordeal. For Di, I think this is the best thing that could have happen to her. She’s got her head on straight. She’s has the motivation now to make some career moves that she has always wanted try and she really seems to be enjoying her new found independence. All this, given that she still goes through periods of anger and grief for 5 years of marriage that was trashed.As for our relationship… it still remains friendly. Obviously, I have high hopes for its future being more significant. I know, however, now’s not the time to press for that. I keep fighting off urges to confess my feelings for her. All the time wrestling with the fact that she probably already knows.So?… How should I proceed? ( The Separation & Divorce, are assured and in the process of being finalized) Should I continue as a friend, and meanwhile date other people? Figuring that we’ll grow closer together when the time is right and if it were’meant’ to be.Should I do as many things as I can with her, all the while encouraging a closer friendship? Should I go for broke and confess my infatuation with her? What is the time-line for separation/divorce and new relationships? Are there stages that women go through? Wildness, Partying, Depression? Is it true what they say about rebound-relationships, that they never work out?What should I be looking for to make a move?Thanks for you advice…Anxiously waiting