Hi.My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years and a couple of months ago I gave him a gift. I gave him my permission to sleep with someone else one time.It ended up happening with one of my old friends from high school but it went wrong. When I say wrong I don’t mean he messed it up or she didn’t want to do it. They did sleep together, but I recently found out they didn’t use protection. She kissed him when I left the room before anything started and without my permission.Ever since that day I have felt nothing but anger towards both of them. I believe that he fell for her. And I wouldn’t blame him. I guess it was partly my fault for picking someone’very attractive’ for this gift.Am I wrong for hating them. . . mostly her. The worst part about it is that it happened twice. . . he became greedy and ‘blackmailed’ me to let him do it again saying that if I let him he would give me ‘another ‘ child. (I lost our first one through a miscarriage. . . . twins).I just want everything to be back to normal but I feel that nothing can ever be the same because every time I see her or him all I can see is them together on the night. I want my boyfriend back the way it used to be before any of this ever happened. . . but I feel as though I can’t move one until I get my revenge on her.PLEASE HELP