Dear Dr. Love:I have been divorced for three years. Last December I met a man who has been divorced for seven years. I had been physically attracted to him from the beginning. The more we have been together the more we have enjoyed each others company. He is very caring, willing to give of himself in a relationship, patient, sensitive, funny, fun to be with, and above all is a wonderful communicator- we can talk openly and honestly about anything.My problem is that during his last seven years he has taken the attitude that life is too short and has experimented and experienced anything and everything that has to do with sex. Although he has been very considerate of my feelings and inhibitions, he wants me to share in his uninhibited joy of all kinds of sexual experiences. I have always been raised to be a ‘good girl’ and guilt and fear often take over for me causing some anger and withdrawal from me. This in turn causes setbacks in our wonderful relationship. How can you help us compromise and resolve some of these conflicts???Signed,’Angel’