Dear Dr. Love,I have recently begun exploring a new aspect of my sexuality: a desire to be spanked. I am currently in a committed relationship and have discussed my desires with my significant other. While he does not share my interest, he has been supportive of my exploration of it, and has occasionally spanked me as foreplay to sex.As I’ve explored my need further, I’ve discovered a desire to meet and ‘play’ non sexually, with gentlemen who share my interest. My significant other is adamently against my doing so and has led me to believe that my doing so would seriously compromise our relationship.While I respect his feelings, I believe that if I do not explore this further and instead go on wondering ‘what if’ I will become resentful that he encouraged me to ignore what I now believe to be a very important part of sexuality.As a result I have begun considering engaging in some spanking ‘play’ behind his back. I find myself in what appears to be a no win situation. HELP!!!. . . and when she was bad she was better 🙂