Dear Dr. Love:I’m 29, single parent I have been seeing a really great guy for two years. It’s an on and off thing. We get along well and respect each other, or so I thought. Lately I’ve been wondering what we are doing and when it’s all going to end, you see, we have made no commitment to each other and I thought that was great and he did too.Even though I don’t want a serious relationship ( i have some issues) i can’t continue to just hang out with this guy. It’s like I’m at the point where enough is enough. But my problem is I have developed a loving affection for him and even now that I told him I don’t wasn’t to see him this way anymore, I honestly still want to.What’s wrong with me that I can’t let go? What’s up with both of us caring on a nonserious relationship for so long?HELP me soon I’m getting weak.